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On Tuesday, January 22, 2019 residents of Mastic and Shirley went to the polls

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019 residents of Mastic and Shirley went to the polls and overwhelmingly approved the referendum creating the Forge River Watershed Sewer District which will be Suffolk County Sewer District 27. These initial two phases include the Montauk Highway business corridor and the Forge River Watershed areas within the Hamlet of Mastic.
“After one year of educational and informational meetings the voters have spoken.” Stated Legislator Rudy Sunderman. “Thank you to the residents for their support of this very important community revitalization.” Residents approved the referendum 414-71 which will now allow Suffolk County to accept $191.3 million in grants for the construction of the first two phases. Construction is estimated to begin in April of 2020.
While the connections to residential properties are 100% funded through the grants acquired for this project one of the major issues foreseen by Legislator Sunderman has always been the connection to the commercial properties. In an effort to ease the burden of the business owners Legislator Sunderman worked diligently to acquire State Grants and low interest business loans to assist the small business owners. “We were able to gain additional funding in 2018 and lower the cost per household as well as gain grant funds for small businesses.” Said Sunderman.
While the approval of this referendum is a big step forward, Legislator Sunderman has now turned his attention to the expansion of the sewer district to incorporate Mastic Beach in the proposed 3rd and 4th phases. “I am now continuing my efforts to advance phases 3 and 4.” Said Sunderman. He plans to petition all lawmakers at every level for assistance in acquiring the estimated $500 million which would be needed for the expansion into Mastic Beach and South Shirley. “This is not the end of the road for sewers in our community, but rather the beginning of the road for expansion into the entire peninsula.” Said Sunderman.
“Thank you to all the voters and the supporters from all over who helped make this a great accomplishment for our community. This is something that is a once in a lifetime accomplishment and you all did it! Thanks to my staff for all their hard work. More to come in the upcoming weeks and months. Many elected officials both past and present thank you again for being part of such a historic event!” Stated Legislator Sunderman